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Student Loans with MMFCU

student loans

Earning your degree was a big achievement – If you’re like most graduates, the burden of student loans could be a major roadblock to your next goal.

Maybe you want to buy a home, start a family or see the world. Consolidating your student loans could be your solution. This process groups all your student loans together (both Federal and private) and attaches a fixed, lower rate and just one monthly payment, so you can: Save money every month- potentially thousands over time. Eliminate payment shock with a low, fixed rate. Opportunity to pay off your loan faster or extend it for lower payments. Save time and hassle with the convenience of one easy payment. 

Our fixed-rate student loan consolidation program lets you enjoy predictable payments without worrying about fluctuating rates. With flexible terms you can choose the one that’s right for you. 

We make consolidating easy and affordable. Our student loan consolidation program is a smart way to consolidate and refinance your Federal and/or private student loans. Competitive fixed rates and flexible terms available.

No application or prepayment fee!